New Mexico Xeriscape

Albuquerque Dry LandscapingXeriscaping makes use of the natural beauty of the desert to create landscapes that are more sustainable in our high desert climate. The term is a combination of the Greek word xeros, which means dry, and landscaping. By creatively incorporating plants that require less water to survive into your outdoor design, you can not only spend less time maintaining your yard, but lower your water bill by conserving water.

The city of Albuquerque additionally rewards homeowners and businesses that choose to design with the environment in mind by offering a xeriscape rebate. The rebate shows up as a credit on your water bill of $0.75 per square foot of qualifying landscape. In order to obtain the Albuquerque xeriscaping rebate, your xeriscape design must meet specific requirements as set forth by the city. Some of these requirements include:

  • Application for rebate must be approved
  • Design must utilize plants from the Water Utility’s guide
  • Fifty percent of your landscaping project must be covered by approved plants
  • Soil beneath and around plants must be covered with at least 2 inches of mulch
  • Xeriscaping must encompass at least 500 square feet (homeowners may claim a rebate for up to 2,000 square feet of xeriscaped property; businesses may claim a rebate for up to 12,500 square feet of xeriscaped property)

Albuquerque XeriscapingFor more information about the Albuquerque xeriscaping rebate, check out the Water Utility’s Web site here.

To read about the Albuquerque xeriscaping/watering guide click here.

The Lawn Rangers, LLC. is a full-service lawn and landscape company that designs and installs beautiful xeriscaping that meets the city’s strict standards for rebate. Our thoughtful designs not only utilize stunning xeric plants in a way that enhances the value and beauty of your home, but also incorporate strategic water harvesting techniques that enable you to conserve even more water by making efficient use of rainwater.

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