Here Are a Few Items to Consider When Planning a Landscape

Landscape layout example

    1. What are your objectives: Conserve water, minimize maintenance, more usable space, entertain etc. Your objective will determine your design.
    2. Design/Plan – Your Landscape Designer should be very familiar with landscape & plant materials specific to your needs. It is important to be specific on types of materials, amount of materials, and square footage. A detailed plan is essential to saving money, comparing estimates, and visualizing your dream landscape.
    3. Who will be performing the work?
      1. If you are doing the work yourself or even portions of the work, learn as much as possible!
      2. Don’t be afraid to call a professional, but be willing to pay for the knowledge. The headaches you save will be well worth the investment.
      3. If you are hiring a professional see # 4.
    4. When hiring a professional landscaper, be willing to pay for an estimate and design.
      1. Most professionals will be able to provide a landscape plan or design.  Most will charge for this service. If necessary, it is good to decide on one designer you like and pay for that plan. Then use that plan for several Landscape Companies to generate comparable estimates. A good design should be specific with the size, quantity, type & name of plants, type of grass, type of edging, if soil amendments will be used, type of irrigation, psi factor of concrete, etc. etc. etc.
      2. Contractors should be Licensed and Insured and carry Worker’s Compensation. All documentation should be verified & copies provided. Make sure the Landscape Company that you select is licensed in all the aspects of landscaping they provide. Some examples include:
        • Irrigation License:  MS06
        • Concrete LicensePatios, driveways, walkways, waterfalls, and flagstone.
        • All FencingBlock walls, wood, metals, including retaining walls.
        • Plant Protection License: NMDA 841-9425 (verifiable at The NM Dept of Agriculture) all companies that dig a hole and plant living material must have this license.

 Most of the above Licenses can be verified to be current for each company at

    1. Get a list of references and call them.
    2. Get addresses to jobs they have completed, so you can check the work.
    3. Ask the timeline to complete your job.
    4. Get a signed contract listing everything that they provide and what is covered under any warranty.
    5. Beware of the low bidder – there is a reason why these “companies” can undercut other companies.
    6. Ask if any aspect of work will be sub-contracted out.

Our Goal at Lawn Rangers Inc. is to provide our clients with a landscape that they will be able to enjoy now and in the future. We provide excellent, dependable service with knowledgeable crews & staff committed to quality. We hope you the very best in your landscape endeavors. If the Lawn Rangers Inc. can be of any assistance with a landscape design, estimate or questions please give us call. Thank you.