Sprinklers Maintenance

Sprinkler Maintenance in the Greater Albuquerque Area

There’s only one way to keep your lawn lush—water it. To make sure your grass and plants get just enough water—but not too much—your sprinkler system needs to be in good working order. The landscape professionals at The Lawn Rangers, LLC. provide the maintenance service you need to make sure it is.

Our Sprinkler Maintenance Services

The same professionals who provide top-quality irrigation installation service can ensure that your sprinkler system works day after day and year after year. Call us when you need:

Sprinkler Maintenance


  • Preventative sprinkler maintenance
    We recommend preventative maintenance two times each year—in early spring before you begin routine watering and in fall before your sprinkler system is going to be unused for a number of months. Our seasonal sprinkler maintenance includes:


    • Checking for leaks
    • Adjusting sprinkler heads to ensure proper coverage
    • Setting the timer(s)
    • Testing back flows (when applicable)
  • Sprinkler troubleshooting and repair
    Early maintenance can prevent costly damage to your sprinkler system and your lawn. We recommend contacting us when you see the first signs of sprinkler system malfunctions, such as:


    • Puddles, erosion or other indicators of poor drainage
    • Dry or dead patches of grass
    • Bubbling sprinkler heads

We offer responsive sprinkler maintenance service. Most service calls are resolved within two business days.

Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Maintenance

There is no sprinkler maintenance job too big or too small. The Lawn Rangers, LLC. provides service to homeowners and businesses in Albuquerque, Corrales and Rio Rancho. And, sprinkler maintenance service may be included in your customized landscape maintenance service plan. Contact us to get a free quote for sprinkler maintenance and repair service today.

Call The Lawn Rangers, LLC. for one-time or ongoing professional lawn sprinkler maintenance services in Albuquerque!