Monthly Reminders


Proper Lawn CareHappy New Year! Spring is just around the corner and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the services we provide.

Full landscape design and installation
Mowing, pruning and cleanups
Maintenance contracts
Sprinkler installation and repair
Snow removal and ice melt application
Concrete work such as sidewalks, patios, and driveways
Concrete pavers, block walls, flagstone, and retaining walls
Water features, waterfalls, bubbling rocks and we offer a great selection of fountains

If you, or someone you know has a need for any of the above services, please give us a call to schedule an estimate.  We have discounted pricing during the winter months as it helps us keep our staff employed.  Even though you may not be planning a project until spring or summer, now is a great time to get ideas as well as more competitive pricing.

January will be the month for detailed pruning of trees and shrubs and some additional light cleanup.  In February we will start with aerations, pre-emergent fertilizing of turf and xeriscape pre-emergent application (if your contract includes this).  Fruit trees and roses will be pruned late February to April, dependent upon the weather.  Irrigation (for those that have included it on their contracts) will be turned back on in February.

We recently contacted all of our customers to get updated information and preferences in regards to invoicing.  If we did not actually get to speak to you and you are interested in receiving your invoices online at your email address, please send us an email so that we have your current email address and we will start sending your invoices and monthly reminders via email. This will allow you the option to pay online either by check (debit) or credit card.

We thank you very much for your business this previous year.  We realize there are many choices for your landscape maintenance needs and appreciate you choosing The Lawn Rangers, LLC.


The time for maintaining justice, lawn, and order is almost upon us.  Here are a few reminders for the beginning of the year:

As our temperatures rise, please water.  It is important to start the season with proper water, fertilization, and aeration.  The better start your lawn has, the stronger it will be for harsh conditions.

We will also be doing sprinkler analysis mid February through mid March. The cost is $65.00 plus tax up to one hour. Parts are additional.

We will be pruning ornamental and fruit trees for our yearly customers starting in February. Roses will be pruned as early as February or as late as May. The time of doing roses will depend fully upon the weather.

If you require these or any of the following services please contact us:



It is time once again for maintaining justice, lawn, and order. If you are in need of sprinkler repair, cleanup, power raking, aeration, or fertilizing please call to schedule. Remember to increase watering when the temperature rises. We will start fertilizing all yearly customers in March. Be sure to set your timers to run the day after your regularly scheduled day, and at least twice per week. We will begin pruning roses this month. If you would like us to prune roses for you please call to schedule. March is also a good time for planting and preparing gardens. Please be aware if you are a yearly customer, there is a ninety-day out on all contracts. WE ARE SCHEDULING TO MOW ALL LAWNS THE LAST WEEK OF MARCH. If you need mowing prior to this or would prefer us to hold off until a later time, please call to notify us. Thank you very much! We look forward to working for you this season.


Fertilizing, aeration, and power raking have been completed on your lawns. If you have not had these services done and would like them, please call to schedule. We mowed most lawns the last week of March and will begin mowing all lawns weekly starting the second week of April. If you have any preferences other than this please let us know. We have been pruning roses and will continue to do so during April, if you would like us to prune your roses or any other shrubs, please call to schedule. Your lawn should be watered about three to four times per week in April and due to water regulations you should water between the hours of 6pm and 10am. As always, we want to do the best job for you that we can. If there are any problems, however small they may seem, we would like to be aware of them so we can alleviate the problem.


In May pine-tipped moths will be in flight and grubs will become active mid to late in the month. I will be applying our second fertilizer during the first two weeks of May only. If you are not a yearly customer and would like fertilizing or any of the above treatments, please call for an estimate and scheduling. Temperatures will be getting much warmer and dryer so watering should be increased. As of May all lawns will be mowed on a weekly basis. If for some reason you require us to skip your scheduled day please call with at least twenty-four hours notice. On your scheduled day please make sure sprinklers are not set to run and back yards are accessible. Many customers have all ready provided us with keys, combinations, or prepared for us the day prior. This will help to avoid a full charge when only the front has been mowed. All bills will now be mailed out the first week of the month following service, and are due upon receipt.


We plan to have all pruning done by the end of June before the temperatures get too intense.  We will not be performing any major pruning again until later in the fall.

It has already begun to get hot.  You should increase watering times to accommodate the heat. Without more water, the lawn will begin to dry and browning, fungus, or disease can occur.  It is best to water in the early morning for longer periods of time.  If your landscaping is not flat, programming multiple run times per day may be necessary.  If you would like us to reset your timer, please let us know and we will schedule a Sprinkler Tech to come out for a fee. Watering (of turf) is restricted between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  If irrigation is not included in your contract, then you the customer must call in for an appt. or referral. The Lawn Rangers will not be responsible for any non-compliance citations and will not be held responsible for any fines imposed by the city of Albuquerque water conservation Department. This ordinance is for the city of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.  Info can be checked at

At this time, damage to your lawn may become apparent if you have a Grub infestation.  If you see any browning areas and are able to pull up the grass fairly easily, you will usually see the grubs underneath.  It doesn’t take long for them to destroy large areas of the lawn.  Please call if you think you have a problem, so we can estimate treatment for them.  Pine tip moths are approaching their second flight of the season, if you would like us to treat your pine trees to prevent damage from them, please call for an estimate and to schedule.

In addition, if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call. We offer complete lawn maintenance service, design landscaping, including brick, rock, and concrete, and flagstone.  We also do sprinkler irrigation installation and repair.

We ask that you direct all questions, concerns, special requests, or complaints directly to our office.  It is our goal to deliver the best service.  To ensure your needs are implemented in your service, we want to make sure that good communication occurs.

Thank you for your continued business with The Lawn Rangers, LLC.


Happy Independence Day!!  We hope that you have a safe Fourth of July holiday.

All invoices have a small increase due to an increase in the State Tax rate from 6.625% to 7% effective July 1, 2010.  We have adjusted all of the automatic credit card payments to accommodate for the increase.  Anyone who has prepaid for services for the year, we will settle the small discrepancy at the end of the contract period.  There is no need to send any additional money at this time.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your bill.

We are now in the HOT season!!  Please make sure as temperatures continue to rise, that your watering increases.   Be careful not to water too late on cool evenings as this can cause fungus.  We are at a higher cutting height to help keep lawns healthier during this time of year.  In the fall, we will return to the lower height.

Remember a referral of a YEARLY landscape maintenance customer gets you $75.00 off your bill after they have been customers for three months!!  And we thank those customers who have already referred residential, as well as, commercial business to us.  If you have not received your credit, please do not hesitate to contact us.  New customers don’t always remember to mention who referred them.

Please make sure that your gates are left unlocked and your sprinklers are NOT set for our scheduled day of mowing.  If we are unable to mow and still make the visit, you will be charged.  If for any reason you would like us to skip your scheduled day you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

The Lawn Rangers, LLC. is not responsible for any water violations.  If you receive a violation, we are happy to work with you in resolving any issues that may need attention to comply with what the city found during their visit.

Invoice payments are due 10 days from the billing date.  If payments are not received before the next billing cycle, there will be an interest charge assessed to your account.  If you have any questions concerning your invoices or payments, please contact us.

Please contact the office with any requests, issues, or complaints.  We want to make sure that they are addressed and changes implemented to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

Thank you very much for your continued business.
The Lawn Rangers


In August, keep an eye out for damaged areas in your lawn.  Grubs become evident this month. The best way to tell if you have grubs is by pulling the sod along the edges of damage.  The grass will pull up with little or no effort.  Also watch your trees for webworms.   Please contact us if either of these problems occur and you need us to treat them for an additional charge.  Fungus has been bad this year as well.  Those properties we have identified a fungus have been notified.  If you suspect a fungus, please call.  We just completed our fourth round of Turf Fertilizations.  Our winterizer fertilization will be applied in September or October.

The Lawn Rangers, LLC. provides several services in addition to regular lawn maintenance.  These services include:

Concrete and Masonry Services:   Installation of patios, driveways, sidewalks, block walls, brick edging, moss rock walls, flagstone, and pavers.

Irrigation Services:   Installation, automation, and repairs of sprinklers and drip systems.

Landscaping Services:   Complete Landscape Design and Installation.

Snow removal and plowing.

All of these Crews are available for year round service.  Please call us if we can give you an estimate for any of the above services.

We have had numerous requests for information regarding online payments.  We are happy to offer online payments by accepting VISA, MC, and DISCOVER credit cards and now you can pay by direct debit from your checking account.  These options are available at

If you have any invoicing or payments questions or need assistance setting up these payments, please contact our office.  Please know that your continued business is important to us.  Please call if you have questions, comments or complaints.

Thank you,
The Lawn Rangers, LLC.


Labor Day is here and Fall is just around the corner. Our offices will be closed on Labor Day.

Some reminders for our new customers:

We mow anytime between 7 AM and 7 PM, unless you have made special arrangements.  If you lock your gates, we must have access during these hours either by providing us with a key, or leaving your gate unlocked on your scheduled mowing day.  Please make sure that your sprinkler timers are not set to run on your scheduled mowing day.  If we make the stop and are unable to perform services, you will still be charged for a full visit.

In October, we will be applying a Winterizing Fertilizer. We will also be doing our final pruning of the season.  In October, we may cut lawns on a two-week basis.

If there are grubs present in your lawn, now is the time that their damage will become evident.  Also, webworms may be spotted in your trees.  If you suspect either of these pests may be present, please call so we can rid you of them.

Once temperatures drop out of the 90’s, irrigation can be cut back.

Regarding payment options:  we are capable of accepting credit cards.
Customers can have their credit card billed automatically for their monthly charges.  Save time and save the stamp.  If you have a credit card where you can earn money back or airline miles, your lawn service can actually help pay for itself with money back or you can earn miles toward a much needed vacation.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Please call us if you are interested.

If you have not returned your new contract, please return it with this month’s invoice payment.

In an effort to keep up with your contract information, please send us any information in regards to home, work or cell phone numbers.  Also, if you would like to be contacted via email, please include your email address.  We can also send your invoices and monthly letters via email, just let us know if you would are interested in receiving them via the internet.

Fall top dress of your lawn is available.  This service includes an aeration seeding and addition of soil amendments.  Top dressing is very beneficial to reduce watering and buildup organic matter that has leaked out of our sandy soils during irrigation.  This process will benefit your lawn for years.  Please contact us for a quote to provide this service.

Thank you very much for your continued business.  Please call me with any questions or comments.
The Lawn Rangers


We hope everyone had a great Summer.  Fall is here and there are a few things to keep in mind while preparing for the winter months.

As temperatures begin to get colder, the lawns will begin to go dormant.  As this happens, if you would like your lawn to be cut every other week, we are more than happy to do so.  Please call to schedule this knowing that it may take a week or so to adjust our schedules.  All yearly contract customers will continue to be serviced weekly throughout November.

We have been applying the winter fertilizer to our yearly contract lawns.  If you are a weekly customer and would like an application of a winterizer to give your lawn nutrients over the winter months, please call as soon as possible to schedule this service.  Our yearly contract customers do not need to call to request this service, it will be done automatically.

As leaves fall, we will pick-up what we can as we mow.  We will do the same for yearly contract customers until our final cleanup in late November or December depending on the weather.  Again if you are a weekly customer, and would like us to do a final cleanup of leaves and mowing late in November, please call ASAP so that we can schedule this service.

If you are a weekly customer and would like pruning done, now is the time to call to get it scheduled.

If you have need for any landscaping services or concrete work (i.e. block walls, flagstone, concrete walks, driveways, patios, or waterfalls), please contact us for an estimate.

This time of year water usage can be reduced.  We are glad to help with adjusting automatic sprinkler timers if you need any assistance.  Please do not turn your irrigation off.  Lawns still need moisture in the Fall and Winter.  Keeping your lawn watered on warm winter days will help it to start healthy in the Spring.  This will assist in reduction of weeds.

If you have any questions or want to schedule the above services, please call us at the above number.

Thank you for your business,


The Lawn Rangers, LLC.


The mowing season will be coming to a close soon.   The leaves have begun to fall and we will pick up as many as we can while mowing.  Detailed cleanup of leaves will be done automatically for yearly customers.   If you are a weekly customer and require a cleanup or any other service, please call us to schedule.  Our clean ups are starting the third week of November once all the leaves have fallen.  We will be doing the final cut of the season for everyone the second week of November corresponding with your regular day, weather permitting and unless you have made other arrangements.

If you would like any additional mowing later than the above date, pruning, sprinkler system winterizing, fall aeration, or if you are thinking about doing some landscaping including concrete patios, walkways, flagstone or block walls, waterfalls, or xeriscaping, just give us a call.  We will be working on yearly customers throughout the winter and will be glad to come out. We will be completing the winterizing fertilizations on yearly contract customers by the end of November.  If you are a weekly customer and you haven’t yet made arrangements for fertilizing, but want fertilization, please contact us.  Please continue to water your lawns during the winter.  The stronger they go into winter the healthier they will start out in the spring.  Watering your lawn once per week during December and January should be sufficient, however, remember to increase the watering in February.  Trees and shrubs need regular deep watering.  Water time restrictions end in October.  It is best to water one time per week on warm afternoons.

Thank you very much for your business this season. We hope to hear from you next year. Your patronage is important.  If we can help with any of the above items or you have additional questions, comments, etc.  Please call. Thank you again!

The Lawn Rangers, LLC.


The season for lawn mowing has come to a close. We are still picking up leaves and completing pruning on trees and shrubs. Detail cleanups will be completed in December.  Please make sure that your lawn, trees and shrubs are being watered every seven to ten days during the winter months.  We ask that customers please pick up after your pets in the yard prior to us coming to mow or service your lawn.  If you or anyone you know needs landscaping, design, irrigation, sod removal, xeriscaping, concrete patios, driveways, sidewalks, moss rock walls, block walls, or water features, please give them our telephone number.  We offer free verbal estimates.  All properties will be serviced one day earlier the week of December 20th.  Properties scheduled on the 24th will be serviced the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd.  If you have a preference, please call our office for scheduling.

Our offices will be closed for the Holidays from December 24, 2011 – January 3, 2012.  Thank you very much.  We look forward to serving you next year.  We hope you and your family have a great holiday and safe NEW YEAR!

The Lawn Rangers, LLC.