Lawn Maintenance

Monthly Reminders

Property Maintenanced YardMaintenance

Complete weekly or yearly lawn maintenance; includes mowing, edging and blowing off patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Core Aeration (pull plug)

Power Raking (de-thatching)

Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs up to 12 feet in height


Complete fertilizing of turf, trees and shrubs

Additional Services

Weekly Service MaintenanceWeekly Service

Service consists of mow, edge and blowing of sidewalks, drive and patios only.  All additional items handled on an individual basis and are charged in addition to the weekly rate.

Properties are serviced weekly only during the months of April – September. February, March, October, and November can be requested to mow on a two week basis but must be approved first.


Property MaintenanceYearly Care

A basic yearly agreement consists of mowing, blowing, and edging, weekly (contract required) during season. Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs twice a year (up to 12’ in height) per year. Fertilizing turf five times. (1pre-emergent, 2 turf build, 1 iron, 1 winterize). One aeration per year. Two major clean ups per season. (Spring and Fall). One visit per month during the months of December and January.

Optional items are available and are generally quoted on contract but must be approved by the customer.

We will complete one time services for people that are not considered regular accounts, such as above. One time services are generally taken on at slow times and will not take precedence over regular accounts. There are minimums and usually an approximate two week lead time.

Mow- no one time basis Aeration (area dependent) minimum $80.00
Prune-minimum $250.00 Fertilization- no one time basis
Cleanup-minimum $250.00

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