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Frequently Asked Questions for Landscapers

Frequently Asked Questions

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Since 1992, The Lawn Rangers, Inc. has provided superior service and expert care to our residential and commercial landscaping customers. Knowledgeable and friendly, our landscapers are here to answer any of your questions about New Mexico turf, xeriscaping, and more.

Q: How often will you fertilize my lawn?

A: Depending on the temperature, The Lawn Rangers, Inc. will usually start fertilizations in February and end in October. We perform turf fertilization five times per year to ensure that the turf has the proper balance of nutrients for healthy growth.

Q: Do you get rid of weeds?

A: Yes, The Lawn Rangers, Inc. provides herbicide and pre-emergent spray treatments with fertilization for landscape turf and xeriscaping to control weed growth.

Q: When and how often should I aerate my yard?

A: Core aeration should be performed a minimum of once per year, best in the spring. Aerations should be completed before weeds have started to bloom, otherwise the process will assist weed seedlings to germinate. The Lawn Rangers, Inc. times seasonal core aerations appropriately so you can stop weeds before they start.

Q: What sort of irrigation services do you offer?

A: The Lawn Rangers, Inc. performs irrigation repair, installation, and maintenance. Our landscaping professionals have 20 years of experience working on residential and commercial irrigation systems. Whether you want to check your irrigation system for leaks in the spring or need to install a sprinkler system at your business, we can help.

Q: How should I be watering my landscape?

A: A xeriscape can usually thrive with a timed drip irrigation system. Irrigation systems for turf landscaping vary based on your goals for the property and your budget for water. You may want to use a sprinkler system, depending on your needs. Our experienced landscapers can help you determine the best irrigation system for your budget.

Q: Why should I invest in landscaping?

A: Landscaping is more than an investment in functional beauty. Home landscaping is a long term investment in your home and can positively affect the resale value of your property. For business owners, a stunning landscape is the perfect opportunity to express the value of your company and communicate a sense of professionalism with potential clients.

Q: Do you offer continuing care and lawn maintenance?

A: The Lawn Rangers, Inc. offers annual contracts for residential and commercial landscaping maintenance. Every contract includes standard landscaping maintenance services, but our landscapers can add additional services to meet your needs. We also offer weekly services – these do not require a contract.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: For our regular customers, we offer discounts on additional services offered through The Lawn Rangers, Inc. We also offer senior and military discounts.

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