Power Raking

Power Raking Services in Albuquerque, Corrales, and Rio Rancho

De-Thatch Before Spring

Over time, thick layers of dead grass can build up in your property’s soil. This is called thatch.

To prevent potential problems with lawn growth and to maximize soil aeration, it is important to dethatch in the early springtime. The Lawn Rangers, LLC. provides professional power raking to remove thatch and prepare your lawn for summer radiance.

Why Power Rake?

Power Raking Lawn CarePower raking is an effective way to keep turf healthy in climates that have hot, dry weather in the summer months. Without routine de-thatching, it is more difficult for nutrients and water to get to the root system, causing grass seedlings to not take root or die.

Our landscapers use the latest power raking technology to de-thatch your residential or commercial landscaping. Our crews are licensed, insured, and complete special training to ensure that your power raking is completed correctly.

Should I Power Rake Every Year?

Because Albuquerque is a dry climate, it is not recommended to power rake on a yearly basis. Annual dethatching can cause moisture in the soil to dry out faster, causing grass to die or require more irrigation.

The Lawn Rangers, LLC. recommends dethatching ever 3-5 years. If you are unsure when the last time your lawn was power raked, our landscaping experts can visually inspect to determine if thatch needs to be removed.

Schedule Your Power Raking

The Lawn Rangers, LLC. offers power thatching between the months of January and April, depending on the growth season. Contact us today to schedule power raking for your residential or commercial property!

Dethatch your Albuquerque lawn before the weather heats up!
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