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The Lawn Rangers

Albuquerque’s Landscape Professionals

Our Commitment to You

The Lawn Rangers, Inc. is committed to providing you with the very best landscaping and lawn care in Albuquerque.

To accomplish this, all of our technicians undergo a thorough background check, complete extensive training, regularly attend continuing education courses on landscaping and lawn care, and speak English.

We’re so confident in the work that we do that we warranty all of our landscaping work for one year after installation is complete.

Did You Know…

Research shows that investing in a beautiful yard is one of the top five resale improvements you can make to your home.

When well-planned and properly installed, landscaping can increase the value of your home by over 15 percent!

If you’re not planning on selling your home for awhile, not to worry; landscaping is an investment in your home that actually increases over time.

Seasonal Tips


Seasonal Reminder Tips


  • Temperatures begin to get colder and lawns will begin to go dormant. It is a good idea to apply a winter fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy over the winter months.


  • The best time for pruning is late summer for blooming shrubs (i.e. Crape Myrtle and Rose of Sharon)
  • Remove and separate iris.



  • Make sure you water your lawn, trees, and shrubs at least once a week.


  • January and February are best for major pruning and thinning of shrubs and trees.

Early Spring:


  • Get the pre-emergent fertilizer on your lawn by mid March to help with the early spring weeds.
  • Get your lawn de-thatched before it starts to green up. This service should only be done in the spring.
  • We recommend power raking every 2-3 years depending on the lawn and type of grass.
  • Get your lawn aerated in the spring or fall. Spring is best to allow water and fertilizer to get into the ground.


  • You can generally prune roses as early as February or March depending on the weather. It is best to wait to plant roses after April 15th which is approximately the last frost date.