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Sprinkler Maintenance in Albuquerque, NM

Keeping your grass properly watered is imperative to keeping your lawn in pristine condition in the dry New Mexico climate. The Lawn Rangers, Inc. offers performs regular maintenance on your lawn sprinklers can ensure that they function properly for as long as possible.

Lawn Sprinkler Services for Your Home or Business

Sprinkler MaintenanceWhether you require one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly lawn sprinkler maintenance services for your home or business, The Lawn Rangers, Inc. has you covered. After installation, we can ensure that:

  • Automatic valves are operating properly and have no leaks
  • Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems are properly adjusted for coverage
  • Irrigation system leaks are identified and repaired
  • Back flows are to code, tested, and functioning properly

Too much or too little water being supplied to your plants and grass can be equally as devastating to lawn maintenance. Supplying the right amount of water to your lawn can also prevent you from incurring unnecessary water costs, fines for overwatering, and the cost of replacing dehydrated or wilting plants in the long-run.

Preventing Potential Lawn Sprinkler Issues

Many potential issues can be prevented before there is ever a problem with your lawn sprinklers. Simply having installation done by an experienced, professional lawn and landscaping company, like The Lawn Rangers, Inc., can ensure that your irrigation is properly installed and up to code so you don’t need to make costly repairs later on.

Serving the Albuquerque Area Since 1992

The Lawn Rangers, Inc. has been providing homes and business in the Albuquerque, Corrales and Rio Rancho areas with professional lawn sprinkler maintenance since 1992. Contact us to schedule a one-time repair or ongoing lawn sprinkler maintenance appointment today.

Call 505-828-0198 to for one-time or ongoing professional lawn sprinkler maintenance services in Albuquerque!