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Job Opportunities / Employment

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Jobs Currently Available:

Crew Foreman $8.00/hr While in training.
Crew Foreman $14.00/hr After Training and Passing NMDA test
Crew Support $8.00/hr Pay rate Depends on experience.
Landscape Foreman Salary – Pay Depends on Experience
Concrete $8.00-15.00/hr Depending on Experience
Spray Tech $10.00-14.00/hr With Experience
Sprinkler Tech $8.00/hr While in Training
Sprinkler Tech $10.00-14.00/hr – With Experience


  • Full Time (40 hrs) and Part Time (less than 40 hrs) positions available.
  • Valid New Mexico Drivers license and clean driving record. (required for Sprinkler Tech and Foreman.)
  • We pay bi-weekly.
  • Our summer work hours begin at 6:00am and we work 10 hours a day Tuesday-Friday.
  • After a 90 day probation we offer benefits to Full Time employees.

Full Time Benefits:

  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Medical Coverage Assistance
  • Training Seminars and schooling
  • After 2 years of employment – 2 wks paid vacation & IRA.
  • Click to view an Application: Call the office for an Interview: 505-828-0198